Honorary Optimystical Certificate
Honorary Optimystical. The elders of the ancient society of mental control in accordance with the doctrines of mentalradio have confirmed and deliberated, and hereby declare that Ron "Dr Sound" Johnson, in recognizion of direct mystical experience and personal transformation, and in celebration of advanced mental control, exceptional taste, and extraordinarily high I.Q., has been entered into the roles, as an honorary optimystical, with all the rights, privileges, responsibilities, accolades, and sacred obligations thereunto appertaining. Having been so disignated, the honoree is qualified to receive training for elecation to grand master, 9th degree optimystical, in the 7th heaven of tickled pink. Metal Radio dot net.

the Doctors Hot Pick

Rain / The Gypsy Wizards Band

Tomorrow Never Comes: The NYC Sessions 1967-1968

Doc Says "A long time comin'.From the Roots of British Rock.56 years ago and counting! A classic!"


Cherry Red Records

KBLA 1500 AM