Welcome to Dr. Sounds Audio Prescriptions, the premier music resource library, designed by music industry professionals for those in the entertainment industry or music research.

Since 1956, Ron Johnson,"Dr. Sound," has been analyzing and evaluating music.

In 1971, Ron Johnson, worked as the music director for KPPC-FM. The station became popular with a diverse and well educated audience. While as music director at KPPC, Ron earned the title as MINISTER OF MUSIC and DOCTOR SOUND. His cataloging of music is based on the content and message in the music. The topics of the music are well defined and make use of essential information pertinent to the recording.

Dr. Sounds Audio Prescriptions is a service provided to those who need to locate songs for film, commercials, radio and multimedia projects.

We have broken down the search for these songs by title, artist, running time, label, writer and publisher. The songs have also been categorized into over 140 topics and currently have over 180,000 entries. More about it here.

New releases are updated on a daily basis for the most current and up to date music database in the entertainment industry. Dr. Sounds Audio Prescriptions also provides a directory of music publishers to those who subscribe to the service, making easier to obtain the music release rights for your project. Dr Sounds also handles custom music searches to fit your projects needs.